Fashionable design and detail using sewing machine and serger techniques are Lyla's trademark. She is known for her constant flow of innovative ideas and simple concepts which are applicable to a myriad of projects. Seminars are presented in idea/concept format, using samples and visuals, followed by how-to instructions for accomplishing the task. Techniques featured are simple and doable for the beginner to the advanced. These wearable and classy accents create a striking countenance when interpreted by the individual.

Workshops include seminar information, with the added feature of a hands-on approach, in which the student creates a textbook of ideas and samples throughout the day. Notebooks with instructions, as well as materials needed to create the samples are provided for participants.

"Vivacious," "motivational," "enthusiastic,""energetic," "creative," "knowledgeable,"and "patient" are words commonly used in seminar and workshop evaluations to describe her presentations. Lyla inspires students to strive to try new techniques and push their machines and imaginations to their limits.

Her ever growing selection of exclusive patterns and designs keep her classes constantly fresh. With Lyla's teaching background, she is skillfully able to lead beginners to experts in numerous areas of interest.